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Tuesday, September 01, 2015


A croquette (croqueta) is a small breadcrumbed cylinder or oval shaped fried food roll. Croquettes have a French origin, however they soon spread to many different parts of the world and in Spain they are one of the most popular tapas.


Croquettes (Croquetas) are a favourite and common sight on bar counters and homes throughout Spain. It could be served as tapas, a light lunch or a dinner along with salad. They are a sure hit as an appetiser or an afternoon snack with a glass of Spanish beer or wine.


Most Spanish homes have their own recipe to make them and they love to experiment with different ingredients. They can be filled with anything, however, the most popular ones are cod (bacalao), ham (jamon), spinach (espinacas) and chicken (pollo).

At Mas Q Menos, UK we serve two of the most popular Spanish croquettes:

  • Jamon Croquettes &
  • Cod Croquettes

Jamon Croquettes are amongst the most popular tapas served in our Soho, Holborn & City branch. 

We at Mas Q Menos, are obsessed with serving the most traditional and authentic Croquettes. Crispy, crunchier and with a golden exterior followed by perfectly exotic, smooth & creamy bechamel on the inside. Doesn't it sound tasty? Why don't you visit one of our Jamon & Tapas Bars in London?.

Book Your Table Now in one of our Tapas Bars. 


Hasta pronto!!


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