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What are Tapas

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tapas are different varieties of snacks or finger foods that originated in Spain. Tapas can be defined as smaller portions of any recipe or an assortment of several types of Spanish dishes.

Tapas could be anything from mixed cheese, small portions of seafood, salads, meat filled pastries to piping hot meat or fried squid - or anything in between. Hence any appetiser served with a drink, is a Tapas.

Tapas are at the heart of Spanish lifestyle & culture. If you are planning to go Spain, make sure you visit one these lively & noisy Tapas bars serving small plates of local delicacies with superb flavours. You could either have one “Tapa” or a mixed collection of dishes making into a main meal of Tapas. The word “Tapas” is derived from the Spanish verb “Tapar” meaning “to cover”. The most commonly cited explanation for this- “is an item be it a piece of bread or jamon, would often be placed on top of a drink to protect it from fruit flies and eventually it became a habit to top this “cover” with a snack. (Source: http:// www.eyeonspain.com)

Eating Tapas is all about socialising & engaging in a conversation. If you want to have a long conversation, any company meeting or closing one of your business deals, visiting your nearest Tapas bar is ideal.

In Spain eating Tapas is completely a different dining experience. In fact it’s an act of “bar tour” as people visit one bar, have a round of lively conversation with small plates of Tapas and move on to the next. In every Spanish village, town or city you will always find their own variety of small bites with authentic Spanish flavours in the local Tapas bars.

At Mas Q Menos, UK we offer the following types of Tapas:

Patatas bravas
Jamón croquettes
Cod croquettes
Spanish “Tortilla” omelette
Padrón green peppers
Russian salad with tuna & potatoes
Provolone cheese with fines herbes
Ratatouille with egg “Manchego” style
Galician style octopus “Pulpo Gallego”
Iberian chorizo cooked in cider
Spanish meatballs
Hand cut smoked ham shank “Lacón”
Pork cheek stew “Carrillera”
Oxtail stew

Visit one of our Jamon & Tapas Bars in London located in Soho, Holborn & City of London to enjoy authentic Spanish Tapas.

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